About Us
Surefire Plumbing and Pumps is a full service plumbing company with the ability to take care of your smallest job through to major plumbing projects.
We will keep you fully informed during every step of your job, listening to your every need  and working with you to complete your job as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
Our philosophy is to‚Äč separate ourselves from other plumbing companies through fully inclusive collaboration with you, the customer, to achieve the best outcome for you.
Call Bret on 0419362844 to discuss your needs
Mon - Fri: 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Surefire Plumbing and Pumps provide fully licenced plumbing services across most areas of plumbing including:
- Domestic, industrial and commercial jobs.
- Metal roofing.
- Hot and cold water.
- Gasfitting.
- Below ground sewer and stormwater.
- Burst water mains.
- Blocked sewers cleared.
- Backflow.
- Septic installations.
- Water tanks supplied and installed.
- Pump systems including pressure pumps, sump pumps, fountain pumps etc.
- Maintenance plumbing.
All works carried out are fully insured.